Regulation keeps a tight hold on the gangster genre

The enforcement of the motion picture production code posed several important problems to the genre, it was enforced, to make sure the gangster was not seen as a hero for the crimes they commit. The gangster usually dies, showing that crime does not pay after all, a concept that in some films, such as scarface, is reinforced by added scenes where reformers and officers speak out against gangland and its culture. In the sopranos, Tonys heavy stress signifies the tough life the gangster has, showing it is not all big money and flashy cars. As seen on my evaluation of the final scene of the Soprano’s, this justice may also be seen in Tony’s possible death. The enforcement of the motion picture code has meant the gangster may not have been represented fairly, in order to stop people copying the actions they see on screen. However surely if the enforcement prevents crime and trouble this can be no bad thing.


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