Postmodernism in The Sopranos

The show in some instances is also self referential, and self aware of other films like ‘The Godfather’. It draws attention to the genre by showing the audience that the gangsters themselves are aware of other gangster films. This brings elements of post-modernism, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality by drawing attention to generic conventions. Just as Tony Soprano blurs the boundaries of morality. As we see the show from his point of view, we see his wrong-doings in accordance to their narrative position, and thus why he does what he does. Yet often we should not look at the motivation behind his actions, but simply accept that his actions are wrong. Yet this postmodernism, and blurring of good and bad should not be regarded as anti-realistic; overall impressions of the show portray The Sopranos as in the gritty postmodern world that America has become, and thus the boundaries between good and evil no longer exists.


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