David Chase, inspiration and patience.

Bonnie: Livia, ever hear the old italian saying my aunts used: “col tempo la foglia, di gelso divena seta.”

Carmela: What does that mean, Bonnie?

Time and patience change the mulberry leaf to silk.

(46 long) David Chase.

David Chase’s carrer is reflected in his work above, as a transition from mulberry leaf to silk. The leaf’s potential to become silk was always there, it was simply finding it. Chase had always longed to be a filmaker, but it was not until 20 years in the media industry had passed that he began writing the sopranos in 1971. Chase did not hide his frustratration at being in the industry, “I loathe and despise almost every second of it”. It was the money that kept Chase in the industry, writing and eventually producing shows like, “the night stalker”, “the rockford files”, “I’ll fly away” and many more. Though playing a major role in these productions, he remained relatively unknown, overshadowed by names like ‘Stephen J.Cannell and ‘Dick Wolf”. He continued to write movie scripts that never got made and to endlessly dream of leaving television for his first love, film making. The early 70’s inspired him further, as movie’s were beginning to be seen as art work rather than media fluff. Chase’s ability to write thrilling television works in some cases hindered his opportunities elsewhere. In a sense, he was overqualified, to good at his job for him to switch sides.

Stephen J Cannell is quoted as saying, “That this man, who was well known to all the networks for over twenty-five years, could not get his fresh, totally unique idea’s past the guardians of our public airwaves. Instead of The Sopranos, we more often got mindless clones of last years semi-hits, while David made his living running other peoples shows, unable to sell his own.”

His struggle throughout his carrer is reflected in his work on the sopranos. As in all good narratives, his stories read of everyday people struggling to find a place where their ambition, sense of reality and happiness meet together. We see this in the characters of the sopranos. In Camilla’s persistent efforts to maintain her responsibilities to her family, whilst balancing the moral dilema’s she faces in the bad things Tony does. In Tony’s own struggle not only to do what is right by the mafia and his family, but right by himself. This is what drives him to see Dr Melfi in the first place, as he is unsure of his role in life due to conflicting morals and opposing needs.


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